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i purchased an item over 2 months ago and they charged my credit card, but I never received my order.I have made numerous inquiries by e-mail and phone and have yet to receive and answer.

This is a rip-off company. We are very disappointed that companies like this are not shut down earlier. By reading the previous postings by other dissatisfied customers, I can't believe that this website still exists. Buyer beware!

Please do not order anything from this store or website. You will not receive your item and you will be charge promptly for it.

Then, you will never reach anyone at this company.

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I ordered a shirt from MyGarb (techtomix) and eventually, after a relentless stream of emails, received the merchandise.I get the feeling that this organization is in over its head and that accounts for the lack of pro-active communication regarding orders.

A consumer should not have to hound the vendor to receive accurate information regarding an order. If you can't meet a deadline, say so as soon as possible. If you can't complete an order, say so and offer compensation (refund or credit) to the consumer.

While their heart is in the right place, offering merchandise like this, it probably would be beneficial to bring in some outside experts to look at the overall operation with an eye to improving service or perhaps scaling back to a manageable enterprise.:upset

I purchased a $50 sweatshirt. MyGarb charged my credit card but I never received the merchandise.

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I purchased a $50 sweatshirt on July 3.MyGarb charged my credit card but I never received the merchandise.

I left them two messages, each a week apart. I also sent two e-mails, one to customer service, and another to customer support. I finally reached someone through a sales number who indicated that he would provide a refund. I'm not optimistic.

From what I have read from other reviewers, this is a common problem with MyGarb. They charge your credit card, promising a product within 10 days, and never deliver.

They don't respond to e-mails or phone calls, despite guaranteeing customer satisfaction and providing several means of contacting them.

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The same thing happened to me! What was the number you used to reach them?

MyGarb sucks

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I ordered a tshirt and hat from MyGarb in June 2008. I have yet to receive my products. I also have emailed and called numerous times and NO REPLY.I have never reached a living person on the other end of the line when I've called. I wrote a physical letter to their cooperation but have yet to hear ANYTHING from them.They charged my card for the payment but I have no product to show for it. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED. It's sad that a College has trusted them to provide for their students.

Domonique DeWild


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Well, here it is four years later and the song remains the same.I'm only out about $40 for a shirt which is, as of today, one month into the process.

I wish I had read this forum before ordering. Gotta admit, their web operation is pretty effective; that shows some nice merchandise...too bad it's all imaginary.

Still waiting on a response to both my email & phones.Looks like I'd best not hold my breath.


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